Double Bubbler

This pipe has some features that you’d usually associate with pipes in the $100+ price range. The shower head diffuser is awesome for ensuring that the smoke gets properly cooled and filtered, and the glass on glass attachment for the bowl is definitely of the highest quality with a super smooth slide. What really sets this bubbler apart from most mid-range pieces, however, is the ability to modify it. If the mood strikes you, you can mod this bubbler as much as you want. The ground glass attachment allows everything from custom bowls to inline ashcatchers, more percolators, any crazy stack of glass you can dream up is possible.

If you have a bit of cash set aside to get yourself a nice bubbler, but you don’t want to spend over $100 just to get a quality piece, I’d highly recommend the WS Double Bubbler 2.0. It’s high quality, rugged build, and most importantly smoking experience are all far better than anything else you will find in the sub-100 price range, and it comes highly recommended by the team here at