Colour Bubbler

AGW Fumed And Colored Bubbler – Cheap Bubbler Pipe With Big-Budget Performance

If you’re looking for a bubbler on a budget, look no further. This little blue wonder is discreet enough to hide away when you’ve got company and makes a great portable piece for the smoker on the move. It looks like a bong, and it hits like a bong, but it has a carb rather than a slide despite appearances to the contrary.

This bubbler pipe has received great reviews from the users over at GrassCity. Despite its small size, it has a large chamber, so the amount of smoke it can deliver at once is impressive – don’t underestimate this bubbler. Made by the always excellent American Glass Works company, this pipe is extremely durable. One reviewer notes that even after hastily throwing it out of sight to avoid being outed as a smoker, it came away without so much as a scratch.

As far as negatives go, it only has a single percolator, so the smoke is not as filtered as it could be, and the small bowl size relegates this mostly to the realm of personal pieces.

Overall, this is an excellent little bubbler pipe for the money. If you can find a better bubbler under the $50 mark, let me know, but until then, this pipe gets my highest recommendation for smokers on a budget.